Capture SISCOM picture

your assistant in diagnosis with ICTAL SPECT quantification

Epileptology help

Identifying, as accurately and quickly as possible, the epileptogenic focus

Assisting in neurosurgery

The SISCOM procedure provides a sensitivity above 80% and a specificity better than 90% in the location of the epileptogenic focus

Image processing

ictal and interictal SPECT with MRI


of ictal and interictal SPECT with MRI

SISCOM Coregistration picture


of ictal and interictal images

SISCOM Sustraction picture

Visually identifies

the epileptogenic zone (EZ)

SISCOM Identification picture

Processing time

5 minutes

Interaction required by the user

Download and upload the images

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Neurocloud SISCOM includes all the advantages of Neurocloud technology

Free continuous updates

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Immediate use, no installation

100% Compatible with your technology

Continuous and personalized assistance

Suscription plans adapted to your needs

Safe and clinically validated

Neurocloud is the new paradigm in diagnostic imaging

Increased neuroimaging processing enables better diagnostics in more efficient organizations