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Your brain PET diagnostic assistant

Nuclear Medicine Assistance

Automatically providing visual and quantitative information identifying hypometabolic zones in FDG-PET and providing SUVR values in PET-amyloid.

Neurological support

Facilitating the interpretation of the nuclear medicine report, identifying the patterns of different neurodegenerative conditions.

Diagnostic assistance

Identifying neurodegeneration in early stages of the disease thanks to one of the most extensive databases of PET-FDG (>120 subjects) of normal individuals on the market.

Processing automatically the results in 5 minutes.

Integrating all the necessary resources for the diagnosis: results in images, and data tables and an interactive viewer.

Reducing inter-observer variability among specialists.


image processing


image fusion.

Analysis based on ROIs

compared with a database of normals for z-score extraction and % deviation from normality

Parametric statistical analysis (SPM)

voxel to voxel.

Detection and identification

of hypometabolic or hypermetabolic areas


image processing


image fusion.

MRI segmentation

into grey matter, white matter and CSF

Analysis based on regions of interest

calculation of SUVR values and result (positive/negative) compared with validated thresholds.

Processing time

5 minutes

Interaction required by the user

Download and upload the images

1 clic

Download sample results report

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Neurocloud PET includes all the advantages of Neurocloud technology

Free continuous updates

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Immediate use, no installation

100% Compatible with your technology

Continuous and personalized assistance

Recruitment adapted to your needs

Safe and clinically validated

Neurocloud is the new paradigm in diagnostic imaging

Increased neuroimaging processing enables better diagnostics in more efficient organizations