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your assistant in volumetric image analysisT1-MRI

Help in radiology

Providing automatic segmentation of all brain areas. Assists in visual analysis, confirms your findings, and improves your reports by adding quantitative information

Neurological support

Quantitative information allows for objective and personalized treatment and monitoring of the disease

Diagnostic assistance

Identifying atrophic VOIs in the early stages of the disease thanks to one of the most extensive normal bases on the market, which is also stratified by age.

Providing quantitative information on the volume of VOIs, and their deviation from normality and voxel-based morphometric patterns.

Reducing inter-observer variability among specialists.

Results are available in 10 minutes. In addition, it integrates all the resources needed for diagnosis: medical images and patient report history.

Medical image processing

Volumetric analysis of T1-MRI


of the brain into different tissues, dividing each into clinically relevant volumes of interest

VOL Segmentation picture


of the grey matter and white matter atrophies of the different VOIs, extraction of Z-scores and deviations from normality using our normal base.

VOL Quantification picture


voxel-based morphometrics for easy interpretation of results with visual information, and detailed analysis using our online viewer.

VOL Analysis

Processing time

10 minutes

Interaction required by the user

Download and upload the images

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Neurocloud VOL includes all the advantages of Neurocloud technology

Free continuous updates

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Immediate use, no installation

100% Compatible with your technology

Continuous and personalized assistance

Suscription plans adapted to your needs

Safe and clinically validated

Neurocloud is the new paradigm in diagnostic imaging

Increased neuroimaging processing enables better diagnostics in more efficient organizations